About Us

If you grew up with these little girls from Ohio, you might remember one of us saying “imma tell my sister” or “you mess with my sister, you mess with me” just to name a few of our classic phrases. We were raised to stick together and we’ve maintained this value even in our adulthood. It’s apart of who we are. We’ve shared experiences, laughs, and tears that only we understand. We have stories for days and can tell you that life has not been easy but we make it look good. We have a plethora of methods we use to navigate life and we're excited to share them with you. It kind of helps that two of us are mental health professionals and the other a health and finance professional. Through our professional expertise and personal experiences we created BAE Lifestyle. We may do our careers differently, have different paths, be in separate phases of life, and have different ways of seeing the world but we share a common goal in wanting to help others. We want to welcome you to our sisterhood and we look forward to us all getting to know each other.

Brea, Ashley, and Erica